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Introducing Zircon - Static Site Generator For Markdown and Handlebars

17 July 2019

Zircon is a static site generator with an emphasis on markdown and the handlebars template enigine. Zircon aims to be the best choice for users who love handlebars or want a static site generator that is easy to learn and "just works".


  • Zero Config.
  • Handlebars templating.
  • Markdown rendering.
  • highlight.js code highlighting.
  • Handlebars powered plugins (helpers)
  • Compiles .md and .hbs files, copies all other files.
  • Handlebars can be used from withing your markdown files.
  • Open source.

Opinionated In All the Right Ways

Zircon is simple and easy to use because it has some important opinions. Namely, it uses handlebars as it's one and only templating engine. But it's opinions should never get in the way. For example, unlike other static site generators, Zircon allows you to structure your site however you please. The compiled site will exactly mirror your own folder and file structure.

Easy to install and use

# Installation (Requires node v6+)
npm i -g zircon
zircon init my-site # Initialize your first site,
cd my-site
zircon watch -s # Build's and servers your site as you write it

Use Cases

  • Personal sites and blogs.
  • Simple static buisness pages.
  • Documentation sites.

Sites built with zircon

  • This One!.
  • Sites internal to VersaBuilt Robotics.